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Children of Joseph & Ruahma

Anna Maria Trowbridge
b: 14 July 1829 in Boone County, Kentucky
d: 02 August 1901 in Indiana
married +Daniel Shively b: of Blountsville, Indiana
m: 06 August 1854 in Indiana
d: 20 September 1865 in Indiana
Father: Michael Shively Mother: Keziah LABOYTEAUX

*2nd Husband of Anna Maria Trowbridge:
married +Jonathan 'Jonty' Parks b: of Pleasant Grove, Indiana
m: 16 April 1868 in Indiana

Miriam Bears Trowbridge
b: 06 November 1831 in Boone County, Kentucky
d: 20 February 1920 in Indiana
married +John Alfred Campbell b: April 1829 - of Anderson, Indiana
m: 28 March 1854 in Indiana
d: 01 September 1882 in Indiana
Father: Thomas Campbell Mother: Lucy R.

David Lindsley Trowbridge b: 01 February 1834 in Boone County, Kentucky
d: 22 February 1909 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. Tater Cemetery
married +Elizabeth Rebecca Stout
b: 26 May 1837 in Ohio
m: 26 February 1854 in New Castle, Henry County, Indiana
d: 18 August 1876 in Cowan, Delaware County, IN
Father: Elijah Stout Mother: Sarah/Sallie WILLIAMS

*2nd Wife of David Lindley Trowbridge:
married +Amanda Clevenger
b: 14 March 1857 in Salem Township, Delaware County, Indiana
m: 10 October 1877 in Cowan, Delaware County, Indiana
d: 11 November 1915 in Delaware County, Indiana
Father: Job Clevenger (formerly of Warren Co, OH) Mother: Elizabeth BOWER

Hannah Lillian Trowbridge
b: 08 July 1836 in Milan, Indiana
d: 06 May 1925
married +John Sparks b: February 1846
m: 26 December 1869
d: 29 October 1920

Bartlett Henry Trowbridge
b: 26 December 1838 in Milan, Indiana
d: 05 October 1861 in Civil War,
19th Indiana, Company E (the "Iron Brigade") -- Typhoid Fever

Minerva Lindley Lockwood Trowbridge
b: 06 April 1841 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana
d: 23 August 1871 in Indiana
married +George A. Hupp b: September 1827 of Danville, Indiana
m: 25 December 1863
d: 19 March 1874 in Indiana
Father: Major John Hupp

Joseph Bears Trowbridge
b: 22 January 1844 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana
d: 22 August 1922
married +Alzora Puebla Anderson b: 02 February 1850 in Dupont, Indiana
m: 19 January 1875 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana
d: 27 March 1920
Father: James Ballard Anderson Mother: Martha Jane LEFEBER

Laura May Trowbridge
b: 08 May 1846 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana
d: 07 June 1886
married +Thomas J. Lindley b: of Elk County, Kansas
m: 22 August 1866

Jasper J. Moss Trowbridge
b: 15 September 1849 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana
d: 05 May 1881 in Cowan, IN
graduated Valparaiso School of Music. 1870 Vocal & Instumental Music Teacher
married +Sarah Sibeck b: 03 January 1853 in Cook County, Illinois
m: 19 October 1871 in Pleasant Grove, Minn
d: in Benton Harbor, Michigan
Father: Frederick Sibeck Mother: Martha MILLER

James J. Mitchell Trowbridge
b: 15 September 1849 in Milan, Ripley County, Indiana
d: 15 November 1881 in Anderson, Indiana

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