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The Family Bible of Joseph Bears Trowbridge and Ruama (Riley) Trowbridge


Joseph Bears Trowbridge born 28-Sep-1797
Mary Trowbridge born 05-Sep-1800

Lorenzo Sidney Casad Trowbridge
son of J.B. and Mary Trowbridge born 15-Dec-1819
William Alonzo Trowbridge born 26-Oct-1821
Dan Trowbridge born 14-Jun-1823
John McKnight Trowbridge born 01-Feb-1825

Ruama Trowbridge born 16-Sep-1808

(children of Joseph & Ruama):

Ann Maria Trowbridge born 14-Jul-1829
Miraim Bears Trowbridge born 06-Nov-1831
David Lindley Trowbridge born 01-Feb-1834
Hannah Lilian Trowbridge born 08-Jul-1836
Bartlett Henry Trowbridge born 22-Dec-1838
Minerva Lockwood Trowbridge born 06-Apr-1841
Joseph Bears Trowbridge jr. born 22-Jan-1844
Laura May Trowbridge born 08-May-1846
Jasper J. Moss Trowbridge and
James G. Mitchel Trowbridge born 15-Sept-1849


Joseph Bears Trowbridge son of David and Hannah Trowbridge
and Mary Chancey daughter of Roswell & ____ Chancey were married

Joseph B. Trowbridge and Ruama Riley daughter of
Dickerson and Sarah Riley were married 20-Dec-1826

Lorenzo S.C. Trowbridge son of Joseph B. and Mary Trowbridge
and Mary J. Isgrigg were married 25-Jan-1849

William A. Trowbridge son of Joseph B. and Mary Trowbridge and
Mary A. Peas were married 08-Oct-1848

David L. Trowbridge son of Joseph B. and Ruama Trowbridge and Elizabeth R. Stout daughter of Elijah and Sarah Stout were married 26-Feb-1854

John A. Campbell son of Thomas and Lucy R. Campbell and
Miriam B. Trowbridge daughter of Joseph B. and Ruama Trowbridge
were married 28-Mar-1854

Daniel C. Shively son of Michael and ___ Shively and
Ann M. Trowbridge daughter of Joseph B. and Ruama Trowbridge
were married 06-Aug-1854

Jonty Parks and Ann M. Shively were married 16-Apr-1868

George A. Hupp son of John and ____ Hupp and
Minerva Trowbridge daughter of Joseph B. and Ruama Trowbridge
were married 25-Dec-1863

Thomas J. Lindley and Laura Trowbridge were married 22-Aug-1866

John Sparks and Hannah L. Trowbridge were married 26-Dec-1869

Jasper J.M. Trowbridge and Sarah Sibeck were married 18-Oct-1871

Joseph B. Trowbridge jr. and Alozora L. Anderson were married 19-Jan-1875

David L. Trowbridge and Amanda Clevenger were married


Mary Trowbridge wife of J.B. Trowbridge Departed this life 30-Aug-1826
age 25 years 11 months 25 days

Bartlett Henry Trowbridge Departed this life 05-Oct-1861
age 22 years 9 months 13 days

Minerva Trowbridge wife of George A. Hupp Departed this life 23-Aug-1871

Daniel Trowbridge Departed this life 05-Apr-1876
age 52 years 9 months 21 days

Jasper J.M. Trowbridge Departed this life 05-May-1881
age 31 years 9 months 20 days

James G.M. Trowbridge Departed this life 15-Nov-1881
age 32 years 2 months

Lorenzo S.C. Trowbridge Departed this life 25-Sep-1892
age 72 years 10 months 10 days

Mary J. Trowbridge Departed this life 07-Apr-1902
age 74 years 9 months 17 days

Daniel Shively Departed this life 20-Sep-1865

George A. Hupp Departed this life 19-Mar-1874
age 46 years 6 months 19 days

Elizabeth Trowbridge wife of D.L. Trowbridge Departed this life 18-Aug-1876

John A. Campbell Departed this life 01-Sep-1882
age 53 years 5 months 22 days

Joseph B. Trowbridge Departed this life 06-Nov-1883

Laura May Trowbridge Departed this life 07-Jun-1886
age 40 years 1 month 1 day

William A. Trowbridge Departed this life 25-Jun-1893
age 72 years 8 months

Ann M. Parks Departed this life 02-Aug-1901
age 72 years 20 days

John Mc. Trowbridge Departed this life 08-Sep-1903
age 78 years 7 months 8 days

Ruama Trowbridge Departed this life 01-Jan-1905
age 96 years 3 months 14 days

David L. Trowbridge Departed this life 22-Feb-1909
Age 75 years 21 days

Amanda Trowbridge Departed this life 11-Nov-1915
58 years

John Sparks Departed this life 29-Oct-1920
age 74 years 9 months 16 days

Hannah L. Sparks Departed this life 06-May-1925
age 88 years 9 months 28 days

Miriam B. Campbell Departed this life 20-Feb-1920
age 88 years 2 months 14 days

Alzora Trowbridge Departed this life 27-Mar-1920
age 70 years 1 month 20 days

Joseph B. Trowbridge Departed this life 22-Aug-1922
age 78 years 7 months


I have only a copy of the Bible pages and do not know who is in current possession of this Bible - Joseph "Bears" Trowbridge was the son of David Trowbridge and Hannah BEERS - this surname was pronounced BEARS - his brother, Henry (of Illinois) carried the middle name Beers - since the first record of the Bears spelling is found in this Bible, it is assumed that Ruama simply recorded the name as it sounded; however, her children did carry the Bears spelling.

The Indiana connection started in 1836 with the birth of Hannah Lilian at Milan, Ripley county. David had been born in Boone county, Kentucky. His four oldest half brothers were on born in Taylor's Creek, Hamilton county Ohio. The connection to Henry county begins about 1854 when this family moved to New Castle, Henry county Indiana. They then moved abt 1868 to Cowan, Delaware county. Eventually they came to settle in Muncie, Delaware county where David Lindley Trowbridge was both a Physician and Surgeon for many years. Much of this family is buried in the Tater Cemetery in Muncie.

This family maintained a long standing connection to Ripley county where David & wife Amanada were listed as "Prominent factors" of the Christian Church at Napoleon in a 1905 newspaper record.

They seemed also to keep close ties to Henry county as well - later descendants not mentioned in this Bible married into the Riley, Sisk and Brower familes of Henry County.

Of the above list, Jasper, James and William were all known to have moved to Minnesota.

I do have locations of these births, deaths and marriages - I have not listed them here as they were not recorded in the Bible pages. I have an extensive file that links this line to the manny other Trowbridges in Indiana as well. I can be reached by e-mail [[ Cheryl ]] for more information. If anyone can fill in the female lines for me, I would be most grateful!

And finally, the handwriting in the Bible is clearly that of three different persons. It was began by Ruama - I do not know who kept it up after this or where it finally came to rest.....

Sincerely, Cheryl Trowbridge-Miller